Buy one device, get one device free – when both devices are activated on 2-year voice and data plans and at least 1 device is new.

All devices are eligible.

- Devices up to $500 will be discounted to $0.

- Devices over $500 will receive $500 off the purchase price of their new device.

- The discounted device (Get one) must be of equal or lesser value than the purchased device (Buy one).

- Devices do not have to be activated on the same account, but at least 1 device must be a new activation.

- If the devices are activated on 2 different accounts, both customers (Buy one/Get one) must be in the store/dealer at the same time.

- Promotion ends April 30th, 2019.

Who is Eligible

New SaskTel customers activating a new service.

New SaskTel customers porting their service in from another carrier.

Existing SaskTel customers activating a new service on existing accounts (an additional subscription; not an upgrade).

Existing SaskTel customers who activate a new device on their account.

Existing SaskTel customers who bring in a friend/family member to activate a new device on a new account.