Smoothtalker Stealth Z1 65db Dual-Band Booster with Arrow Antenna

Smoothtalker Stealth Z1 65db Dual-Band Booster with Arrow Antenna


Made in Canada with a 2-Year Warranty

Stealth Z1 home and building boosters increase the cell phone or mobile device incoming and outgoing cellular signals. They can help eliminate dropped calls and increase battery life and data speeds with simultaneous boost of both voice and data services. The LED console display signal level indicators help make installation quick and easy. The Smoothtalker Stealth Z1 Building Boosters are the most technologically advanced wireless cellular signal boosters made. They feature proprietary "Stealthtech technology" that prevent shutdowns from poor antenna placement and changing environment. This advanced technology protects the cellular towers from overloading and provides maximum signal coverage to the to the mobile device. Stealth Z1 boosters are best suited for areas within 15km of the cell tower.

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Stealth Z1 Booster High Power Booster Specifications:
• Gain: 65 dB
• Power: 1 watts EIRP
• Automatic gain control 
• Rugged long lasting cast aluminum housing
• Dimensions: 6.25 X 3.25 X 1 inches
• Weight: 0.9 Lbs
• Industry Canada Certified
• Made in Canada